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اغتنم التسجيل




Specialized Program of Islamic Banking in the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

Objectives and Advantages


The Program aims at:

1.    Giving an account of the  origins and historical overview of Islamic banking and finance.

2.    Providing trainees with necessary information relating to Islamic banking and finance.

3.    Establishing  a scientific methodology for explaining all necessary concepts relating to Islamic banking sector.

4.    Providing trainees with an opportunity to identify Islamic financial transactions in financial markets.

5.    Equipping and providing trainees with all Fiqhi (jurisprudential) rulings that are indispensable for an accurate understanding of Islamic banking.

6.    Understanding the products, institutions and main characteristics of Islamic finance and rulings relating thereto.

7.    Identifying challenges facing Islamic banks in the light of interference the world witnesses.

8.    Drawing a comparison between transactions in Islamic banks and their counterparts in conventional commercial banks.

9.    Identifying English banking terminology that are circulated among bankers.




Targeted Audience:

1.    Holders of high school diploma.

2.    Those who wish to understand Islamic banking and be qualified to work in the private sector.

3.    Students who study conventional banking so that they might be acquainted with the advantages of Islamic banking.

4.    Workers in any institution that has a connection with economy or any Islamic-colored institution.

5.    Insurance sector, companies and so on.

6.    Leading managers who want to reinforce their ability to confront challenges related to the products of Islamic banking.

7.    Executive managers of Islamic financial institutions.

8.    Financial managers, operation managers and heads of departments in the financial field.

9.    Those who work in stock exchange.



Advantages of the Program:

1.    The course is given in two languages: Arabic and English.

2.    A field practice in some Islamic financial institutions.

3.    A certificate from Nabea Al-Khair Al-Mushriq Institute accredited by the Ministry of Manpower.

4.    Intensive and comprehensive course consisting of a total 168 hours.

5.    Trainees will be offered the advantage of practical exercises and both mid-term and final assessment tests. 

6.    Variety of training methods used to activate different trainees' skills and abilities.

7.    Trainees will be shown forms of most circulated contracts and financial documents.

8.    Joining the first course makes the trainee eligible for a 10% discount.

9.    A special discount for institutions that envoy more than five trainees.


Date of commencement:


on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.


Time: 4:30 - 8:00 p.m.


For inquiry and registration:

Men : 94654179 Women : 94212400 / 95145757


168 Training hours
One full Semester

برنامج الصيرفة الإسلامية التخصصي



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